What is the part number for the standard 30cm brush sections (1.8 and 2.4 meter)that fit the Quadraplay?

Part number D1520
The 1.8m straight brush requires three per unit with four required for 2.4 meter.
The 1.8m zig-zag brush requires 4 per unit with five required for the 2.4m version.

What is the part number for the Spring Grooming rake tine?

Part number D7853
Requires 24 to be fitted to the 1.8m version and 32 fitted to the 2.4m version.

What are the replacement tines/brushes/belts that can fitted onto my Auto-Rotorake Mk4?

D4889 Thatch Removal Blades 24 per set
D4926 Thatch Control Blades 24 per set
F36079 Verticut blades 35 per set
D4464 Wire tine Units 9 per set
F35377 Replacement brush stock
D8989 Tine drive belt x1
D1801 Wheel drive belt x1

What is the part number for a replacement roller on my Auto-Rotorake Mk4?

Part number F33760
The roller complete with shaft – also requires 2 x F35223 Spacers.
What part numbers do I need to quote for a complete set of replacement belts on a RR/600?

Full set requires:
F21773 x1, F21830 x2, D1600 x1 & F21779 toothed timing belt x1.

What is the part number for replacement blades on the RR/600?

F36106 Standard 2mm tipped blades x23 per set

What are the standard belts and tines on a SISIS TM/1000 Scarifier?

F36106 Tine Blades – 32 per machine
F21966 Vee belts – 3 required
D8298 Bearing for the tine shaft assy. – 2 per assy.

What tines can I fit to my Dart Aerator?

All in sets of eight per machine –
D2109 OSH Slitting, D2107 OGH Hollow, D6728 HS Solid and
F34257 Pencil

What part number do I quote for replacement belts, tines, pins and clips on a Supa-Turfman?

D2934 Vee belt x 2
F35664 pin & F21597 clip x 32 per set
F34682 Solid tines
F35079 pencil tines
F34984 hollow tines
F35078 Chisel/slit tines.
All x 32 per set.

What is the part number, for the replacement collector box that fits onto a Trio-Rotorake Mk2?

FS0421 Collector box – which will also fit onto the Auto-rotorake Mk4 as well as the current RR/450 scarifier.
What are the part numbers, for the air and non-air tines that fit onto the Aer-aid and Arrow.
F36948 Air tines
F36949 Non air tines
Ten of each for the Aer-Aid 1500 and four of each fit onto the Arrow.

What tines are available for the Multi-slit?

D6951 152mm sharpened tine for fine turf
D6998 203mm sharpened tine for fine turf
D7493 152mm Heavy duty tine – for outfield
(All 40 per set)

What tine will fit my Mega-slit?

There are 32 of part number F35602 fitted to this machine

What tine will fit my Maxi-slit?

There are 32 of part number F36842 fitted to this machine

What tine will fit my HDS-TDS/32 Spiker?

There are 32 of part number D7801 fitted to this machine

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