Our Factory

Howardson Group Ltd

Howardson Group is an engineering business established 1938, run and cared for by the same family in Derbyshire, England. Our business has evolved over the decades to become the world-class design and manufacturing facility it is today.

We manufacture some of the most trusted brands in the groundscare market and our products are recognised worldwide for being reliable, precise, and innovative.

Our dedication to advanced tooling, a skilled team, and rigorous systems ensures our products and spares are of the highest quality, as to be expected with a top-tier British manufacturer.

Where to find us

Based in Kirk Langley, Derbyshire, our site sits on 3.5 acres of industrial land, accessible from the A52. The site started its life in 1938 as a small petrol station and garage but now holds several units along with the infrastructure to support modern manufacturing.

We have ability, on-site, to deliver most of our manufacturing inputs, working closely with long-term partners to fill any gaps. This gives us the flexibility to deliver large orders at short notice and the control over our manufacturing to ensure the highest level of quality in our machines and spares.

Our main partner, All British Precision Ltd are also located on-site, supplying advanced CNC capabilities. These facilities, in such proximity, simplify supply chain logistics whilst boosting our capabilities for innovation and prototyping.

What we make

We design and manufacture high-quality machinery for the professional groundscare market under the brands: Dennis, SISIS, Syn-Pro, Lloyds and Hunter Grinders. This machinery is used by organisations ranging from local authorities to schools, to the highest-level professional sports clubs and facilities around the world.

Our product range is extensive, including mowers, slitters, aerators, scarifiers, top dressers, seeders, sweepers and grinders, to name a few.

A strong range of products, our assurance of build quality and commitment to customer support, enable groundskeepers to deliver world-class playing surfaces that are safe, precise, and aesthetically perfect.

Heritage and commitment

Starting in 1938, the company has changed over the years reacting movement in markets, technological innovation, and the increase in global trade.

We’ve always been a British engineering company and we understand, now more than ever, the legacy and reputation that British engineering maintains in the world.

With our family company entering its fourth generation of custodianship, we believe the future of British engineering relies on sustainability, precision, innovation, and longevity. These are the qualities that underpin our company and every product we send to market.