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SISIS can provide all the machines you need to ensure your amenity or ornamental lawn is in perfect condition.

Auto Rotorrake MK5 - Thumbnail

Auto Rotorake MK.5

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre pedestrian scarifier, specifically designed to allow a range of interchangeable reels to be used for all year round maintenance.

Rotorake 600HD - Thumbnail

Rotorake 600HD & 600HDX

Heavy duty scarifier and linear aerator recommended by professionals.

Rotorake TM1000 - Thumbnail

Rotorake TM1000

Combined scarification and linear aeration with heavy duty power

Supaturfman - Thumbnail


Independently powered, heavy duty aerator for bowling green, tennis courts, cricket squares.

Dart - Thumbnail


Independently powered vertical action aerator for bowling greens, tennis courts, cricket squares etc.


Deep slitter suitable for use on fine or outfield turf. Deep clean slitting action with minimal surface marking.


Hand operated spreader and top dresser.

Drag Mat

Useful hand tool on small areas for rubbing in dressings, routine surface renovation on hard porous pitches etc.

Bray Hand Tools

Ideal for overseeding and aerating small areas on bowling greens, tennis courts, golf greens, tees and ornamental lawns.

Aerdrain Fork

Simple but effective aeration fork.


Reversible levelling grid for many users on turf surfaces.

Drag Brush

Basic hand tool for natural and synthetic turf and hard porous surfaces.

Ornamental | Lawns


  • We started off with a couple of machines but they have really proven their worth and the are incredibly popular with ourr technicians.

    Katie Arnold

    Head of Central Services - Top Grass