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The SISIS Supaturfman is an independently powered heavy duty aerator for sports field maintenance, grass lawns and amenities. It is ideal for maintenance as a bowling green aerator and a cricket aerator.

Aeration is important for improving drainage, reducing turf compacting, thatch build up and increasing the health of lawns and the Supaturfman is an ideal tool for outstanding turf and lawn treatment.

It has a maximum working depth of 10cm (4 inches) and a choice of interchangeable tines to provide excellent lawn care when aeration is needed.

  • 100mm depth with minimal surface disturbance.
  • Working depth of 10cm (4 ins) max.
  • Choice of interchangeable tines.
  • Pivoted tine bar for vertical penetration and withdrawal without surface disturbance.
  • 6.5hp engine.
  • Will also operate on spiker-slitter.
  • Supplied with transport trolley.



  • Specification




    Working width

    400mm (16")

    Working depth

    100mm (4")


    Honda GX160


    Power unit excludes tines

  • Solid Tine.jpg

    100mm solid tine SETX32-F34682

    A good, general purpose tine suitable for fine turf & outfield use. Can be used throughout the year and is popular for use during spring & autumn renovations.

    Pencil Tine.jpg

    100mm pencil tine SETX32-F35079

    Ideal for use on fine turf during the playing season. Will help to relieve compaction with minimal surface disruption.

    Hollow Tine.jpg

    100mm hollow coring tine SETX32-F34984

    Used in the spring and autumn for compaction relief & soil exchange on fine turf.

    Chisel Tine.jpg

    100mm chisel tine SETX32-F35078

    Mainly used throughout the winter months on fine turf. Provides a slit with a large wall area. Encourages deeper rooting.

    Jumbo Hollow Tine.jpg

    114 x 10mm Jumbo coring tine SETX32-F35077

    Used in the spring and autumn for compaction relief & soil exchange on fine turf.

  • Supaturfman - Spiker Slitter Attachment.jpg

    0.9m spiker slitter attachment

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  • We wanted a machine that we could use throughout the playing season which causes minimum amount of disruption to the bowling green surface.

    Mark Humphrey

    Team Manager - Leicester City Council
  • All of the members can see the difference already.

    Mark Piper

    Greenkeeper - Maldon Bowls Club