Sports Turf Renovations

Renovations – The SISIS Way

Autumn is a period of great importance for groundstaff and greenkeepers. With the regular bowling and cricket seasons playing fixtures having come to an end and golf courses usually seeing less rounds of golf played than when compared to the summer period, attention turns to renovations and winter maintenance.

SISIS has a range of machinery that is ideal for bowling green renovations, cricket square renovations and golf course maintenance covering key tasks.


Ideal for removing thatch, the Auto-Rotorake MK5 and Rotorake 600HD are pedestrian scarifiers with 20” and 24” operating widths respectively. They incorporate interchangeable reels with a selection of 7 various reels giving great versatility from just the one power unit including the 1.6mm and 2mm scarifying/thatch removal reels which is perfect for end of season renovations.

For larger playing surfaces such as cricket squares, golf greens, tees and surrounds that require scarifying, the TM1000 has a 40”(1000mm) operating width and has a floating cutting head that follows contours across the surface. Without the need for any tools the depth setting can be adjusted to meet the levels of the thatch in the profile. It is available with scarifying reels or a faze mow reel for aggressive removal of thatch layers and surface levelling.

For golf fairways, the tractor mounted Veemo is a triple mounted hydraulic driven scarifier with a floating head to follow undulations without scalping, enabling maximum thatch removal in a quick and efficient way.


**Aeration **

For bowling greens, golf greens, tees and cricket squares, the Dart is a vertical action aerator with a 400mm (16”) working width and a working depth of 100mm. A wide range of tines including solid tines, pencil tines, chisel tines and hollow tines are available depending on the severity of compaction and thatch build up.

Larger areas requiring aeration such as golf greens surrounds and fairways and cricket outfields, SISIS has a range of tractor mounted aerators. The Maxislit and Megaslit are used on golf fairways in the Autumn to open up the surface ready for when it needs to improve drainage and help control thatch build up. The Multislit is available with a choice of interchangeable slitting tines to suit different conditions whilst the Multitiner has a choice of interchangeable tines such as solid, pencil chisel and hollow tining. Both machines are perfect for golf green aeration.

**Dressing **

When top dressing material is required to be applied to greens or cricket squares, the Truspred is a hand operated spreader with simple to set spreading rates for accurate application.

**Seeding **

When reseeding is required on golf greens, tees and surrounds, the Variseeder is a lightweight tractor mounted seeder with variable seeding rates. It is fast and easy to use.

The Dragbrush and Dragmat are hand held tools suitable for brushing in top dressing, removing dew on bowling and golf greens, tees, and cricket squares. Autumn conditions also sees an increase in the activity of casting worms so requires regular brushing to dissipate the casts.

Completing Renovations – the SISIS Way