Thursday 16 May 2024

A Sweeping Success with SISIS at Merchiston Castle School

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Stuart Chalmers, Head Groundsman at Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, has recently elevated his maintenance procedures with the addition of the SISIS Litamina 1200.

This innovative tractor-mounted sweeper is helping to enhance the upkeep of Scotland's only all-boys independent boarding school.

Merchiston Castle School boasts a rich tapestry of sporting facilities, including rugby, football, hockey, cricket, tennis, and a golf academy. Spanning just under 100 acres, the school's grounds present a diverse array of maintenance challenges throughout the year. Stuart, who has climbed the ranks since joining the school in 2012, understands the importance of using robust equipment to meet these challenges.

"As a school, we've long relied on SISIS equipment," remarks Stuart. "Their machines were here when I first started, and they've proven their longevity over the years. We're constantly striving to make improvements, and SISIS equipment aligns perfectly with our ethos."

The Litamina 1200, a highly popular model in the SISIS range, has earned Stuart’s praise. "We had an older Litamina 1200 that served us well for over 10 years," he explains. "When the time came to replace it, there was no question—we opted for the same machine. It's simply that good."

With its spiral-designed brush and galvanised collection hopper, the Litamina 1200 excels in collecting a wide range of debris while delicately following ground contours. Stuart highlights the modernised features of the new model, including stands for convenient storage and enhanced practicality and ease of use.

"The Litamina 1200 has become indispensable in our maintenance routine," says Stuart. "Primarily used on our rugby and football pitches, it not only cleans the surface but also helps rejuvenate the grass, allowing for better air circulation and preparing the turf for our mowing programme."

Stuart outlines the meticulous scheduling of maintenance tasks, which often includes alternating the use of the Litamina 1200 with other SISIS equipment such as the Maxislit, a tractor-mounted deep slitting lawn aerator. "We utilise the Litamina for leaf collection as well, demonstrating its versatility and efficiency," he adds.

Ewen Wilson, Sales Manager for Scotland at SISIS, also receives praise from Stuart for his excellent service. "The support we receive from Ewen is first-class. It's reassuring to know that we have a reliable partner in SISIS."

As Merchiston Castle School prepares for exciting expansions, including a new nursery school and junior school, Stuart remains committed to maintaining pristine grounds. With the SISIS Litamina 1200 at his disposal, Stuart and his team continue to raise the bar, ensuring that the school's sporting facilities remain a source of pride for years to come.