Monday 20 February 2012

Bowls International Product Information (SISIS)

Article - Bowls-International-Product-Information-(SISIS)

The Rotorake 450 is a 46cm (18”) wide Pedestrian Scarifier with choice of reels for year-round use, enabling key maintenance tasks such as thatch removal, brushing, cleaning, verti cutting and light aeration to be carried out. The removal and control of thatch on fine turf is effected by a contra-rotating reel having blades spaced at 1.8cm (3/4in) for a clean consistent cut. Depth of cut is adjusted by a control, mounted on the handle, to enable depth to be set whilst moving forwards.

Slightly larger, the Auto Rotorake Mk.5 Pedestrian Scarifier comes in at 50cm (20”) working width. A contra-rotating reel has specially designed tipped blades for clean, consistent cut and maximum thatch removal. Alternative blades for light scarification and optional spiking and brushing reels can be fitted to the machine. Careful weight distribution, slick tyres and a full differential ensures ease of turning with minimal surface marking, whilst the user-friendly, operator presence, controls are designed for maximum operator safety.

The concise, and compact, Dart aerator has a working depth of 100mm (4”) and provides clean, vertical penetration and withdrawal with minimal surface disturbance. A wide range of interchangeable tines are available. The independently powered unit is designed for ease of handling with an “Easy lift” system for effortless turning and transport.

SISIS has an unrivalled range of hand operated tools to cover virtually every maintenance scenario.

The Truspred carries out Top Dressing and Seed Spreading with ease. It has a ribbed rubber conveyor belt for accurate placement, and the carrier wheels permit spreading right to the edge of bowling greens. The Trulevel Bowling Green Roller runs without effort on self-lubricating bearings and can be pushed or pulled with ease. Over-riding action on slight hollows allows level areas to be firmly rolled, whilst low areas are left, so that the playing surface is progressively levelled. Outer rollers can be raised concentrating the whole weight on the centre cylinder if desired.

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    Bowls International Product Information (SISIS)