Monday 20 February 2012

Dennis and SISIS - A combined force at Saltex

Article - Dennis-and-Sisis-A-combined-force-at-Saltex

Dennis has a reputation for superbly engineered, robust mowing equipment developed out of close consultation with leading turf professionals. Industry standard products, like the FT cassette system, will be available on the stand and features a range of attachments from brushes and spikers to scarifiers and slitters. This is in addition to a choice of five or nine blade reels for maximum versatility. The speed and ease of changing cassettes has made the FT range a firm favourite with busy groundsmen, and there are models to suit all turf applications.

Having made its debut in 2010, Dennis’s Razor Ultra has quickly made its mark for a wide range of applications from golf greens and tees to cricket pitches and bowling greens. It features an eleven-blade dedicated cutting cylinder with a 560mm (22in) cut width. An ultra-short wheel base offers superb performance on undulating greens and pitches while independent drive and cylinder rotation enhances cut quality at slow speeds. While providing a perfect finish, the mower’s tungsten tipped groomer also controls lateral grasses to ensure the desired speed of the playing surface is maintained. There is also the Razor Standard without the added cost or complication of a groomer, but still giving groundsmen, greenkeepers and gardeners the superb cut of the Razor Ultra. All Razor models can now be specified with a loop or T-bar handle for ultimate individual operator comfort.

Stepping up to a much more heavyweight cylinder mower is The Premier, offered with a choice of 76 or 91cm (30 or 36in) cut as well as diesel or petrol engines. This 350kg machine has been designed with over 75 years of experience and is used worldwide cutting football, hockey, cricket, tennis, rugby and ornamental lawns. Its popularity is due in part to its easy manoeuvrability facilitated by the three section rear roller and steering brakes – a roller that produces an excellent stripe pattern and rolling characteristics.The Sisis product range is all encompassing featuring pedestrian and PTO driven machinery as well as an ever expanding series of equipments for the emerging synthetic maintenance market. Sisis will have a varied selection of its market leading products for inspection, some being demonstrated throughout the show dates.

Within the highly productive pedestrian equipment sector, one product stands out - the Autoslit deep slitter is ideal for aerating and decompacting fine or outfield turf. The angle of the tines and spiral design of the tine shaft assist penetration, giving maximum underground cultivation with minimum surface disturbance.

In pride of place will be the revolutionary Javelin AerAid 1500. This machine aerates up to 127mm (5in) deep whilst injecting compressed air into the soil for the ultimate decompaction effect. The AerAid can also be fitted with alternative tines for other operations such as hollow coring and can be used with or without air for total versatility.

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    Dennis and Sisis - A combined force at Saltex