Monday 10 June 2024

Dennis and SISIS Announce Partnership with Derbyshire Cricket Foundation

Roger Moore with Tom Coxhead Website.jpg

Dennis and SISIS, renowned names in turf maintenance, have announced a partnership with the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation.

This collaboration aims to bolster grassroots cricket pitches throughout the county, promising a significant enhancement in the quality and accessibility of cricketing facilities.

The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation (DCF), a dedicated cricket charity situated at The County Ground, Derby, use the power of cricket to engage and inspire people in Derbyshire to have a lasting connection with the game. Their purpose is to empower communities and improve lives through cricket. They seek to engage diverse groups and promote community cohesion through various inclusive projects. They also aim to empower leaders, coaches, and volunteers to ensure cricket is accessible to everyone in the county with the ultimate mission of inspiring a generation to say that ‘Cricket is a Game for Me.’

Tom Coxhead, Club and Community Officer for Derbyshire Cricket Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasising the shared values and ambitions driving this collaboration. "As the governing body for recreational cricket in Derbyshire, we are committed to making cricket accessible to everyone in the county," he said. "We were seeking partners who share our vision and values, and Dennis and SISIS stood out as an organisation with a well-established reputation for excellence and integrity."

Tom highlighted the importance of nurturing the next generation of grounds maintenance staff and passing on essential skills. "For cricket to thrive, we need skilled individuals capable of maintaining pitches to a high standard," he explained. "Our partnership with Dennis and SISIS presents an opportunity to provide educational opportunities and elevate the standard of knowledge within recreational cricket over the long term."

Acknowledging the pivotal role of the Derbyshire Grounds Association, Tom underlined the foundation's commitment to supporting and expanding the association's initiatives. "We are proud of the work carried out by the Grounds Association and view our partnership with Dennis and SISIS as an opportunity to further bolster their efforts," he affirmed. "We aim to collaborate on events and initiatives that not only grow their membership but also enhance the experiences available to members."

Roger Moore, Head of Marketing for Howardson Group, echoed Tom’s sentiments, highlighting the longstanding relationship between Dennis and SISIS and the Derbyshire Cricket Grounds Association. Roger emphasised the multifaceted approach of the partnership, focusing not only on providing machinery but also on offering educational seminars and workshops to groundspersons.
"We see this partnership as an opportunity to support the foundation and the grounds association while fostering education and skill development among groundspersons," Roger explained. "By inviting association members to our headquarters and organising workshops and webinars, we aim to empower them with knowledge and insights into turf maintenance."

Roger stressed the importance of engaging with the community and being responsive to the needs of local clubs and groundspersons. "This partnership is about more than just machinery; it's about building relationships and understanding the specific requirements of the grassroots community," he emphasised. "Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy that benefits local pitches and communities for years to come."

Both Dennis and SISIS and the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation are committed to championing grassroots cricket and supporting the local community. This partnership will contribute to the growth and prosperity of cricket in the region. As they join forces on various initiatives, cricket in Derbyshire will thrive.

You can find out more information about the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation by visiting and following them on Twitter @CricketDerbys and Facebook