Sunday 11 October 2020

SISIS Quadraplay helps new groundsman

Article - SISIS-Quadraplay-helps-new-groundsman-at-Ilford-Rugby-Club

Lawrence Brown may have only just embarked on a career in groundsmanship (2 months in fact) but he’s already chosen the perfect partner to help him at Ilford Rugby Club in the form of a SISIS Quadraplay.
Ilford Wanderers Rugby Football Club has been established since 1896. The club has a sense of belonging and community, with families getting together to support players of all different ages. “We play together, we win together; we lose together, we stay together,” is the club’s motto.
It is easy to see why Lawrence wanted to work for a club such as Ilford Wanderers.
“This is my first job in groundsmanship and I love it,” he said. “The club is fantastic; I always liked the idea of working outside – especially on pitches; I like using machinery and I really enjoy driving tractors. The groundsman job came up, I really wanted it and fortunately I got it.”
Lawrence was straight to work and is slowly but surely developing the skills required to maintain sports pitches. He admits that it will take time but claims that equipment such as the SISIS Quadraplay is certainly making his first taste of groundsmanship enjoyable.
“It’s such a joy to use and it does everything we need,” said Lawrence.
The SISIS Quadraplay has now progressed into one of today's most useful pieces of kit in the groundsman's armoury. One SISIS customer once even compared the Quadraplay to a Swiss army knife - compact, versatile, and utterly useful.
It is a multiple-purpose, single-pass maintenance system which incorporates a mounted frame for up to four implements such as grooming rakes, spikers, slitters, rollers and brushes. The implements can be fitted to the mainframe in any order and can be independently adjusted to achieve the desired effect. Compact, robust, versatile and with the ability to carry out up to four operations simultaneously – the Quadraplay makes life a lot easier for many groundsmen as Lawrence explains.
“I use the slitter regularly because it really helps with surface drainage and with aeration,” he said. “On the pitch we do get quite a bit of surface water, especially when it rains, so I run the slitter over it, and it makes a huge difference.
“The brush I tend to use after a cut. Just recently, for example, the grass had got long before I Joined so I used the brush to sweep all the cuttings to the side of the pitch, which made it easier to clear. The brush also massively helps with presentation.

“The roller is also very beneficial. Naturally, the turf gets torn from the players so I use the roller to level out any divots. Also, when it comes to presentation then you cannot beat the roller.
“The players have commented that the pitch looks great,” concluded Lawrence. “At the end of the day my job is to make the pitch better for them and the Quadraplay is helping me to achieve this.”
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    SISIS Quadraplay helps new groundsman at Ilford Rugby Club