Monday 20 February 2012

SISIS scarifier multitasks to improve playing surfaces

Article - Sisis-scarifier-multitasks-to-improve-playing-surfaces

Powered by a 6.5hp petrol engine, it has independent drive to both the wheels and the reel. It has a working width of 50cm (20ins) and exhibits a complete ease of turning, with minimal surface marking, due to careful weight distribution; slick tyres and a full differential.

Packed with features, the Auto Rotorake has user-friendly operator presence controls, designed for maximum operator safety, like the cutting reel safety brake. The adjustment control for depth of cut is mounted on the handle to enable it to be set whilst moving forwards. Whilst the contra-rotating reel has specially designed tipped blades for a clean, consistent cut – with maximum thatch removal into the

easy-fit collector box.

Alternative blades and reels are available for light scarifying; light surface spiker penetration; control of the build-up of thatch and grooming and collection of debris from the surface.

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    Sisis scarifier multitasks to improve playing surfaces