Thursday 20 December 2018

SISIS to showcase all-star line-up at STMA

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SISIS will be showcasing an all-star line-up of equipment at the 2019 Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Conference and Exhibition, including the recently launched Syn-Pro SVR 1500 synthetic turf cleaner.
As SISIS continues to fly the flag for British turf maintenance equipment, it is no surprise that many of the machines are being relied upon by a large number of turf managers in the states. The British manufacturer has been a regular exhibitors at the annual STMA Conference and Exhibition and has reported great success over recent years.
When the 30th STMA Conference and Exhibition takes place January 22 -25 in Phoenix, Arizona, SISIS will be looking forward to continuing this trend as they introduce new products to existing and new customers.
One of which will be the hotly anticipated and newly launched SVR 1500 synthetic turf cleaner which is the latest product to be added to the Syn-Pro range. The SVR 1500 deep turf cleaner is a tractor mounted system that removes not only large debris from the infill but also finer dust particles before returning the ‘cleaned’ infill back to the surface.
Designed for use on either sand or rubber filled surfaces, the SVR 1500 is ideal for deep cleaning and aiding de-compaction. Operators will notice that this process allows water to permeate through, which can help to reduce bacteria, algae and moss and minimize the risk of player injury.
No doubt many visitors will already be familiar with the SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid 1500 tractor mounted vertical action aerator, which has gained plaudits from turf managers, organisations and independent research institutes. This popular machine injects air directly into the root zone speeding up the aeration process, moving air uniformly throughout the root zone for complete aeration and not just where the tines have penetrated the surface. Those operating the Javelin Aer-Aid have the flexibility to alternate tines for other operations such as hollow coring prior to top dressing. Other benefits include a fast forward speed for excellent productivity, minimal maintenance and a smooth and quiet operation.
Also featuring prominently on the stand will be the SISIS SSS1000 - a tractor mounted sweeper which can be pulled by any machine. There are no tools required for the adjustment of the brush or the angle of the draw bar and to make storage easy the draw bar lifts to an upright position. With an aluminium hopper with stainless steel mesh, any infill that is collected when using the machine is returned back down to the surface leaving it free from contamination of debris.
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