Monday 9 September 2019

SISIS Variseeder: The Master at Matlock

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Derek McJannet, head greenkeeper at Matlock Golf Club, claims that the SISIS Variseeder 1300 has proved to be a fantastic asset and has signalled some huge improvements to the stunning course in Derbyshire.
Founded in 1906, Matlock Golf Club is situated 850 feet above sea level in the hills of Derbyshire just on the edge of the Peak district, which as one can imagine, offers some fantastic backdrops and scenery.
Derek has been at the club for eleven years and is part of a four-man team which tends to the 18-hole moorland course along with the club’s crown bowling green. Throughout his tenure the team has maintained the course to an excellent standard much to the delight of the club’s members.
Derek admits that maintaining the course can be challenging at times with a relatively small team and it is for this reason that he started to research current machinery which would be of benefit to the greenkeeping team as well as the golf club members.
“In one of my previous roles I had used the SISIS Variseeder and knew that it would be an asset here, however we always had a budget to consider.
“Then there was one incident last year in which we experienced some damage on some areas of the course. We needed to find a quick solution and ended up borrowing a SISIS Variseeder from a neighbouring golf club. With the machine we were able to double pass all of the tees with seed, feed them and they came back to a better standard than what they were before. This was when we knew that we needed to get one of our own. I think the results from the Variseeder we borrowed convinced the committee as well.”
The SISIS Variseeder is a versatile easy to use tractor mounted seeder with a variable seeding rate ideal for golf course maintenance and for use on lawns and amenity areas. It has a fast work rate, is low maintenance with few wearing parts and enables overseeding to be undertaken without taking ground out of play. Complete with a studded roller, the Variseeder prepares the seedbed by creating thousands of little “plant pots” to receive the seed without linear grooves that can disturb play.
Derek and his team use the Variseeder on all of the tees and also over-seed any bare areas on or around the greens and approaches.
“For us the biggest benefit is that it just saves us so much time,” said Derek. “It is now just a one-man operation, whereas before there were two or three of us doing it all by hand. From start to finish, we can get all of the areas completed in just a couple of days. The Variseeder is also incredibly easy to use, it creates these little pockets and simply drops the seed in.
“It is incredibly fast and effective and we are seeing much better coverage and a more uniformed establishment compared to when we were doing it by hand.
“Maintenance-wise it is a dream and we hardly have to worry about it. There are no hydraulics so there is no risk of oil spills either. I’ve been after a Variseeder for at least three years so I’m pleased I finally have one.
“The members have noticed the difference and are very happy with what we are producing – and if our members are happy then I am happy.”
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    SISIS Variseeder in action
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    SISIS Variseeder: The master at Matlock