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Dennis and SISIS Seminar - Feb 2023 - Video.JPG
Friday 24 February 2023

Cricket Pitch Maintenance Seminar | SISIS Machinery

Dennis and SISIS recently hosted their popular cricket pitch maintenance seminar where 200 delegates had the opportunity to enhance their understanding of future hopes, needs and goals.

Video - SISIS-Veemo-MK2-Tractor-Mounted-Scarifier
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Veemo MK2 Tractor Mounted Scarifier

A purpose designed, triple mounted scarifier for maximum thatch removal removal with minimal surface disturbance.
Ideal for golf fairways or large sports areas

Video - 10-years-of-bowls-green-maintenance-with-Dennis-and-SISIS
Thursday 3 November 2022

10 years of bowls green maintenance with Dennis and SISIS

For ten years, SISIS Machinery and guest speakers have been educating bowling club greenkeepers on turf maintenance at their seminars from across the country to over 3000 delegates.

Video - SISIS-Multitiner-Helping-to-restore-and-maintain-playing-surfaces-all-year-round
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Multitiner - Helping to restore and maintain playing surfaces all year round

I was amazed at just how good a job the Multitiner did when I first saw it. If clubs can keep their pitches aerated using this machine on a regular basis then their pitches will improve and help to keep the surface playable all season long.
Keith Kent - Head Pitch Advisor to RGC & former Head Groundsman RFU Twickenham

Video - Bradford-City-FC-Groundsman-talks-about-the-SISIS-Javelin-Aer-Aid-1500-Aerator
Thursday 3 November 2022

Bradford City FC Groundsman talks about the SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid 1500 Aerator

Bradford City FC Groundsman talks about the SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid 1500 Aerator and explains the benefits of using it on the football pitch.