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Video - Dennis-and-SISIS-Cricket-Pitch-Renovation-Day-a-huge-success
Thursday 3 November 2022

Dennis & SISIS Cricket Pitch Renovation Day a huge success

Cricket end of season renovation seminar with Dennis Mowers. The recent Dennis Mowers end of season Cricket Groundsman’s Seminar saw over 150 cricket groundsmen attend the day which was hosed at St Albans School Woollam Trust in Hertfordshire.

Video - SISIS-Tractor-Mounted-Sweepers-for-Golf-Courses-and-Sports-Pitches.
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Tractor Mounted Sweepers for Golf Courses and Sports Pitches.

Designed for large areas such as golf courses and sports pitches whether it is following scarifying, collecting cores or simply collecting leaves or litter.

Video - SISIS-Flexibrush-Tractor-Mounted-Brush-Herefordshire-Golf-Club
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Flexibrush Tractor Mounted Brush Herefordshire Golf Club

Ideal for brushing in top dressings, dew dispersal, striping for improved presentation and lifting grasses prior to cutting

Video - Dennis-and-SISIS-Partner-with-Staffordshire-FA
Thursday 3 November 2022

Dennis and SISIS Partner with Staffordshire FA

Dennis and SISIS partner with Staffordshire FA to support grassroots football

Video - SISIS-Variseeder-for-Football
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Variseeder for Football

It has a fast work rate, is low maintenance with few wearing parts and enables overseeding to be carried without taking ground out of play. This grass seeder adaptable and can be used on a variety of sports fields as well football pitches. It can also be used as a lawn seeder. Its studded roller creates a seed bed and it comes with a storage trolley.